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Optimax PRO XS 150 HK

Mercury 150 L OptiMax Pro XS – – UTGÅTT

Extraordinarily versatile and a tremendous value.
No Direct Injected engine has more experience, testing or success under its belt than Mercury OptiMax. It’s not surprising that OptiMax repeatedly led every DI category, including power, fuel efficiency, reliability and versatility. It all adds up to a complete line of power that delivers more and delivers it better. OptiMax remains the best value on the water and a top choice of boaters.

Best-in-class fuel efficiency
The innovative OptiMax DI system delivers the ultimate in efficiency, squeezing more miles and performance from every drop of fuel.

Lightweight, compact designs
OptiMax boasts an outstanding power-toweight ratio, contributing to increased speed and better fuel efficiency. It’s a great engine for any type of boat.

Industry-leading Corrosion Resistance
OptiMax is built saltwater tough with more stainless steel and corrosion resistant components.

Smart features for easy boating
OptiMax is controlled by the innovative Motorola® Propulsion Control Module (PCM) and is loaded with «smart» features that make boating more enjoyable, such as SmartCraft and Engine Guardian.

Proven Gearcase and Hydrodynamics
No marine engine company has more knowledge about hydrodynamics and gearcase design. Reliability, pleasing performance, comfortable handling and unbeatable speed make it the top choice in DI engines.

A legacy of leadership
OptiMax is the best-selling DI outboard on the market and ranks among the marine world’s best values.

5-Year Warranty
Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply. Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.

Tekniske detaljer

Tørrvekt195 kg
Turtall5250-5750 rpm
Displacement2507 cc
Antall sylindre6
Hovedstrømbryter756 Watt
Induksjonssystem2-stage direct fuel injection
GirskiftForover (F) - Nøytral (N) - Revers (R)
Anbefalt akterspeilhøyde508 mm (L) - 635 mm (XL)
Type drivstoffBensin
DrivstofftypeUN90 RON
KontrarotasjonXL: Kan leveres
Motorteknologi2-takter med direkteinnsprøytning
Type dynamoBelt-Driven


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